#Unboard is a radical movement to normalise the idea of failure in CBSE Boards, and to popularise alternative paths for learning and thriving in life.

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Your Board results surely mater. They control which college you go to, and probably also which job you land up at. Except that it doesn’t have to work that way for all. The dynamics of learning and work are changing faster than ever. Unboard is a platform to help build confidence in alternative paths for learning and making businesses more accepting of self-educated people.

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The culture of institutional certification is quickly getting behind its time. Boards are a part of this ageing tribe. We believe it is time we challenged the monopoly of Boards by creating an ecosystem where the narrative of education is not rigidly quantitive but open to the vibrancy of diverse ways in which human beings learn and thrive. Boards may be a useful measurement of certain essential traits. But those measurables are no longer the most important ones in the new paradigm of creativity and meaning. We must call out the naked emperor, and demand greater democracy for our children’s future. We want to normalise the idea that it is okay to not do well in Boards. That the other practical non-traditional roads to fulfilment in life are not as obtuse and radical as we would like to imagine. The new truth of our world is self-directed learning and entrepreneurship. It is the idea whose time has come. UnBoard is a baby of changing times.

Why it is time for Boards to go?


Standardised tests are stupid

It is cruel to rank and grade 11,86,306 diverse and beautiful children by few standard question papers. Question paper leaks aren’t a problem— the assumption of a universal question paper is.


Too constrained

Only pen-and-paper tests of learning are undemocratic. Kids should be allowed to choose how they can best demonstrate their learnings.



Boards discourage collaboration and cooperation. Cheating is actually a very creative joint-effort exercise. We do not survive on isolated individual islands, anymore.


Scores don't mean much

What can be tested in an exam isn’t exactly useful now. One just cannot score creativity, passion or curiosity, that is until you are CBSE.


Colleges should be better at admissions

Failure in five exams shouldn’t be deal breaker in anyone’s life. For institutions to devise new entrance requirements, this easy lazy option has to be kicked out.


No more thought control.

Boards are a bully of childhood in the country. No one should have to spend the most important years of their life in trying to impress a rusty system.